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  1. -FRET (Forster Resonant Energy Transfer)

  2. -Molecular interactions

  3. -Oxygen concentration imaging in cells and tissue

  4. -Microenvironment parameters such as PH

  5. -Biosensors

  6. -Protein conformation

  7. -NADH / FAD fluorescence dynamics

  8. -Viscosity imaging

  9. -Membrane dynamics

  10. -Membrane trafficking


is manufactured


Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) maps the spatial distribution of lifetimes within microscopic images of fixed as well as of living cells.

Lambert Instruments' LIFA microscope attachments provide a fast and user-friendly lifetime imaging solution for a range of microscopy techniques including:

  1. -LIFA widefield

  2. -LIFA multi-beam Confocal


The system is compatible with all major brand microscopes and is fully upgradable. The latest addition to the LIFA product line is the LIFA-X for phosphorescence lifetime imaging up to 1 millisecond lifetimes.


LIFA is a turn-key system using a frequency domain approach based on a unique & proprietary technology to generate lifetime images. Frequency domain analysis is today, the fastest way to provide lifetime images.

LIFA Descriptions and Configurations

  1. LIFA includes:

  2. -a modulated light source (multi-LED unit or Laser diodes)

  3. -a CCD camera

  4. -a modulated image intensifier (lens or fiber optic coupled)

  5. -an integrated Control unit / Signal generator / Power supply

  6. -LI-FLIM software

LIFA is used by many researchers around the world and is ideally suited to widefield, laser TIRF, and multi-beam confocal (ex: spinning disk) set-ups. Using a modulated intensifier II18MD, it is also possible to use your own camera and build your own LIFA system!

Currently two versions of the LIFA system are available, the regular LIFA for nanosecond lifetimes and LIFA-X for lifetimes up to 1 ms.

For more information on each set-up, please click on any of the images below which will take you to the manufacturer website (Lambert Instruments):


Build your own LIFA

with II18 MD

LIFA multi-beam Confocal


LIFA Widefield

Lifetime image obtained with the LIFA system of cells

transfected with CFP1 ad CFP4, courtesy Prof. Gadella, Amsterdam.