Duma Partnership Announcement

Axiom Optics Partners with Duma Optronics

Axiom Optics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Duma Optronics. Based in Israel, Duma specializes in Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation technology covering a wide range of industrial, defense, security and research applications. 

This partnership expands our existing laser beam profiling product line which includes many camera-based solutions covering most wavelengths (UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR). The addition of Duma’s products allows us to also offer knife-edge, large format, and high-power solutions. We look forward to providing our customers with even more options for beam analysis, positioning, and alignment. 

The new products include: 

BeamOn HR 1” – A versatile camera-based beam profiler with up to 1350 nm enhanced NIR sensitivity.
BeamOn LA – A large active area screen-based system for measurement of large laser beams greater than 10 mm
LAM Beam Analyzer – Allows measurement of high power beams for laser additive manufacturing. 
Beam Analyzer Based on knife-edge technology, this system can measure very small beams with high resolution (0.1 µm), accuracy and dynamic range.

To learn more about laser beam profiling applications, please visit our application page. 

For our full range of laser beam profiling and characterization products, click HERE. 

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