Laser Beam Shaping - CANUNDA

CANUNDA for the improvement of high power CW or pulsed laser-based processes such as macro-machining, cutting, welding and selective laser sintering for additive manufacturing.

Designed to improve laser processes, the CANUNDA product line provides versatile and effective laser beam shaping by improving the quality, precision, speed and stability of processing for all types of laser source, whether single-mode or multimode. The fully reflective solutions ensure stable, low-loss beam shaping capable of withstanding the high power of cutting or welding lasers or the high energy levels achieved by ultrashort pulse lasers for micro-machining processes.

Some benefits:
-Optimum beam shape: High-quality complex beam shaping
– High power or high energy resistance: Operation with high power lasers or with lasers at high peak powers
– Simplified machine integration: Compatible with ultrashort lasers, fast scanners and F-theta lenses

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