Deep Cooled & In-Vacuum CCD Cameras

High Performance Scientific Deep Cooled CCD Cameras from X-ray to Near Infrared (NIR)

For demanding high energy physics  ( imaging and spectroscopy) applications or environmentally constrained in-vacuum applications, Axiom Optics offers the GreatEyes deep cooled full-frame scientific CCD cameras. The cameras combine scientific, highly sensitive CCD sensors and ultra-low noise electronics for optimal detection of weak signals and measurements with high dynamic range. All models offer ultra deep thermoelectric cooling (down to -100°C), 18-bit digitization, USB 3.0 & GigE data interface, flexible readout speeds and multi-port readout options.

For UV, visible & NIR or VUV, EUV & X-ray:
The ELSE models are optimized for UV, visible & NIR sensitivity, while the ALEX models are optimized for VUV, EUV and X-ray sensitivity. Each models come with different sensors options, each optimized for one part of the spectrum. The LOTTE models can be compatible with any sensor.

For imaging or spectroscopy:
All deep cooled CCD cameras models can be available with a rectangular sensor, optimized for spectroscopy applications (ELSE-s, ALEX-s, LOTTE-s) or with a square sensor, optimized for imaging applications (ELSE-i, ALEX-i, LOTTE-i). Sensor resolution options for spectroscopy models are 1024 x 128, 1024 x 256, 2048 x 256 and 2048 x 512. Sensor resolution options for imaging models are 1024 x 1024, 2048 x 2048 and 4096 x 4096.

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatibility:
The ALEX is ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible and connect to the vacuum chamber through a ConFlat (CF) flange. The LOTTE is a fully encapsulated in-vacuum deep cooled CCD camera, also compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

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