IndiGo VIS NIR Compact Spectrometer
IndiGo VIS NIR Compact Spectrometer

IndiGo | VIS-NIR Handheld Compact Spectrometer

Wavelength Range

400 nm - 1000 nm


2.0 nm (FWHM)


300 Lines/mm

Integration Time

1 ms - 30 s (averaging is possible)


USB-C and Bluetooth


86 mm x 45 mm x 53 mm (107 g)

IndiGo VIS-NIR Handheld Compact Spectrometer: The Power of Spectroscopy at Your Fingertips

The IndiGo VIS-NIR handheld spectrometer is a compact modular device that fits in the palm of your hand. This handheld spectrometer can be used for many different applications: it allows measurement of absorption, emission, or transmission spectra from 400 nm to 1000 nm with a standard resolution of 2 nm (FWHM).

The IndiGo VIS-NIR handheld spectrometer  is a very versatile scientific tool that can easily be integrated in experimental setups to perform many types of measurements involving different types of light sources, cuvette and other sample holders, optical fibers, lenses, and many other elements.

Every IndiGo VIS-NIR handheld spectrometer comes with a powerful PC desktop application, but it is also compatible with Android tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0 connection for increased mobility.