Axiom Optics is your trusted source for high end optical equipment. Since 2010, we have supplied the optics industry, national labs and universities with a complete range of infrared cameras (SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR) as well as scientific and industrial cameras featuring high sensitivity in the X-Ray, UV to NIR spectral bands.

Whether you are using lasers for scientific research or industrial development, our laser beam diagnostic and shaping tools will ensure their operation at optimum quality and performance. We also supply hexapods to perform accurate positioning or motion simulations needed for scientific observations and measurements, precise alignment of components in manufacturing, and antenna testing.

Axiom Optics is the North American supplier to contact when you need high end optical equipment. Tell us your requirements for high end scientific equipment, imaging, spectroscopy, laser diagnostics, metrology and positioning systems. We will recommend, describe, demonstrate the best solution and help you make a giant leap in your R&D. Contact Axiom Optics at 617-221-6636 or [email protected] today.

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