Optical Tweezers

SENSOCELL Optical Tweezers &  Adaptive Optics Kit

Optical tweezers won the 2018 Physics Nobel Prize for their application in life sciences as they allow holding and moving microscopic and sub-microscopic objects like molecules, nanoparticles and droplets. They are especially widely used in biophysics and in the field of cell mechanics that studies the mechanical properties and behavior of living cells that regulate – and are regulated by – biological functions.

Axiom Optics is partnering with Impetux to offer the SENSOCELL optical trapping and force measurement platform, first and only system dedicated to mechanobiology. The SENSOCELL optical tweezers uses the patented force spectroscopy technology to directly measure the optical trapping forces inside complex media like inside living cells and tissues without prior calibration required.

SENSOCELL optical trapping platform allows unprecedented experiments in cell mechanobiology research as it allows to manipulate, deform, and mechanically stimulate cells and endogenous structures such as cell membranes, cell nuclei, vesicles and other organelles while tracking in vivo the biological forces involved, directly inside living cells and tissues.

Axiom Optics is also partnering with Imagine Optic to offer the AOKit adaptive optics kit for custom-made optical tweezers systems requiring adaptive optics implementation. The AOKit includes the HASO4 Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, the Mirao 52E or µ-DM electromagnetic deformable mirrors and the WaveTune software or WaveKit SDK.

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