C-RED 2 Lite | High-Speed TE cooled SWIR camera

Sensor Type



640 x 512 px, 0.33 MP

Pixel pitch

15 µm

Shutter Mode - Frame rate full frame

Global - 602 Hz

Readout Noise

32 e- (high gain, CDS)


USB 3.1 or CameraLink (full)

C-RED 2 Lite is a fanless high-speed InGaAs camera with a thermo-electric cooling 1 stage (TEC1) allowing a sensor temperature setpoint between +5ºC and +50ºC.

C-RED 2 Lite integrates a state of the art InGaAs sensor that is sensitive between 0.9 and 1.7 μm with more than 70% Quantum Efficiency. It offers VGA resolution (640 x 512) with 600 fps full frame and 14-bit of pixel depth.

Readout Modes and Integration Times:

The acquisition speed can be set from 0.01 to 600 fps, the integration time can be set from 20μs to ~1/fps.

Different available Readout Modes:

  • Single Read: The entire frame is read before a reset period (with CDS)
  • Integrated Multiple Readout (IMRO): he user must specify a number of multiple non-destructive reads which corresponds to a number of frames that are read and delivered at a selected speed. It’s a burst mode.

Cropping and Windowing:

It is possible to select one region of interest and acquire datas from this ROI only, column granularity is 32 and rows granularity is 4. Speed increases with read array reduction.

C-RED 2 is the most versatile low noise scientific SWIR camera on the market thanks to its high frame rate and high sensitivity and has an InGaAs sensor. The sensor is air-cooled down to -15C and up to -40C with optional water liquid cooling . It is currently the best SWIR InGaAs cooled camera on the market

C-RED 2 is a scientific SWIR camera on the market.  it is usually reserved to higher end HgCdTe cryogenically cooled cameras, making C-RED 2 low noise SWIR camera unique compared to its competitors.The SWIR camera has a very good quantum efficiency of 70% and it operates on a wavelength from 0.8 to 1.7 µm.  C-RED 2 also offers windowing possibilities and Region of Interest. This allows the camera to go even faster if needed.

The software allows real time applications, and the interface is CameraLink full and USB3. It is also designed to be updated remotely.C-RED 2 is easily embeddable in any system thanks to its low volume, and can operate in any environment or complex situations.

C-RED 2 is ideal for small animal imaging applications.

Long exposure times in short wave infrared imaging are complex: it allows to detect and image very weak signals, but most of the existing SWIR cameras are confronted to physical limits. C-RED 2 is a SWIR 640×512 InGaAs camera which offers smart parameters tuning possibilities, optimizing the acquisitions for long (over one second) and very long exposure (over one minute).

C-RED 2 is a high performance camera designed for demanding short wave infrared applications. C-RED 2 enables high quality sensing at very long exposure times. The camera can also be used at extremely fast framerates (up to 600 fps) and extremely short integration times. Thanks to this, C-RED 2 is very flexible and can be used for all your applications, ranging from night vision to neuroscience imaging

Uncooled version here

C-RED 2 Cooled SWIR InGaAs camera
C-RED 2 low noise SWIR camera

900-1700 nm




640 x 512 (VGA)

Frame Rate

500 – 1,000 fps

Pixel Pitch

15 µm x 15 µm




USB, Camera Link



Array Type

2D array / areascan

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