Meet the Team

Axiom Optics

Philippe Clemenceau
Co-founder & CEO East Coast - Boston MSc. in Optical Science Speciality: Metrology, Adaptive Optics, Intensified Imaging
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Nick Lechocinski
Co-founder & Sales manager West Coast - Los Angeles MSc. in Optoelectronics Speciality: Infrared Imaging
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Vincent Renaud
Sales & Application Engineer West Coast - San Francisco MSc. in Optics Speciality: Microscopy, Scientific Imaging & Hexapods
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Rodrigo Sánchez González
Technical Sales Engineer Minneapolis, MN Ph.D in Chemistry Speciality: Laser Beam Diagnostics & Spectroscopy
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Scott Phillips
Sr. Technical Sales Engineer East Coast - Burlington, Vermont MSc. in Physics Speciality: Cameras & Microscopy
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Imagine Optic - U.S.A

Jerôme Ballesta
Co-founder of Imagine Optic Inc. West Coast - Sacramento B.S. in Optoelectronics Speciality: Adaptive Optics, Optical Metrology
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Berenice Renard
Application and Support Engineer East Coast - Boston MSc. in Optical Science
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