CinCam InGaAs Beam Profilers

SWIR Beam Profiler

Axiom Optics supplies SWIR beam profilers with dedicated laser beam profiling software so that you can ensure the laser beams you’re using for research, industrial, or medical applications are the right shape, diameter and intensity. The CinCam InGaAs beam profilers we offer feature built-in thermo-electric cooling for consistent and repeatable measurements in various scientific and industrial environments.

Our SWIR beam profilers are based on 2D InGaAs focal plane arrays with high quantum efficiency across a large range of wavelengths (from 400 to 1700 nm and as high as 2.2 microns for the extended SWIR models).

The CinCam InGaAs is a plug-and-play solution enabling quick and reliable measurements of lasers from visible to SWIR wavelengths, whether CW or pulsed, and according to ISO standards.

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