Confocal Microscope

Confocal microscopy is widely used in biology and biomedical sciences because of the contrast improvement it brings compared to traditional widefield fluorescence microscopy. Laser-scanning confocal microscopes use lasers to screen the sample and a pinhole to reject the out-of-focus light so that only the emission light from the section of interest is collected. Acquiring multiple 2D planes then allows for the 3D reconstruction of the sample.

Axiom Optics is partnering with to offer a wide range of laser-scanning confocal microscopes, all camera-based systems and using the “rescan technique” (learn more on our application page).

The RCM are point-scanning confocal microscopes, RCM1 being the first generation, RCM2 the second generation and RCM2.5 the second generation with 5 channels capability between visible and NIR. Those three systems offer super-resolution capability (down to 120 nm lateral resolution) and high-sensitivity / low-phototoxicity.

The NL5 is a line-scanning confocal microscope, comparing to spinning-disk confocal microscopes in terms of speed, resolution, and ease-of-use. It doesn’t provide super-resolution capability like the RCM system but it is much faster (25 fps at 2048 x 2048) and still provide high -sensitivity / low-phototoxicity.

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