Adaptive Optics Kits

Adaptive Optics

Axiom Optics offers versatile and high quality adaptive optics kits to improve the beam quality of ultrafast high-intensity lasers, increase the SNR of free space telecommunication systems, and improve resolution of astronomical or microscopic imaging systems.

The AO-kits or Adaptive Optics kits we offer are composed of 3 main components : a deformable mirror or spatial light modulator, a wavefront sensor and the Wavesuite control software and API/SDK.

WaveSuite is the most universal software platform for adaptive optics available today. It offers compatibility with a a large range of deformable mirrors (ILAO star, MIRAO, muDM, ALPAO DMs) , most spatial light modulators such as Hamamatsu LCOS , and the whole range of HASO wavefront sensors such as HASO4 first, HASO4 swir, HASO4 Fast and more …. It also offers application specific modules for lasers or microscopy.

As an example, the AO-kit ILAO Star is an adaptive optics kit that was specifically designed for high power laser correction. It uses the large diameter ILAO star deformable mirror based on mechanical actuators. It includes Wavetune for regular closed loop AO, as well as the PharAO software option, which uses a Phase retrieval algorithm to compensate for non-common path aberration and obtain the best focal spot possible.

The AO-kit Bio is another Adaptive Optics Kit we offer, which includes a HASO4 First wavefront sensor, a MIRAO or muDM deformable mirror, and the Wavekit Bio control software which operates in closed- and open-loop modes. It can for example generate a known aberration such as astigmatism which allows 3D imaging in super resolution microscopy applications.

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