Deformable Mirrors

Deformable mirrors are nowadays commonly used for adaptive optics and wavefront correction in many different fields such as astronomy, telecommunication, laser physics, ophthalmology, light microscopy, laser processing and more. Axiom Optics offers 3 different types of deformable mirrors depending on their respective actuator technology :

  • Mechanical actuators for reliable, low speed correction of thermal effects in large diameter ( up to 400 mm and more ) high power laser beams.
  • Piezoelectric actuators for high speed focus correction of high power CW beams used for material processing
  • Electromagnetic actuators for small diameter mirrors ( less than 20 mm ) , high speed adaptive optics in astronomy, free space telecommunication, or high quality wavefront correction in life science applications such as retinal imaging and light microscopy.

When selecting a deformable mirror, please consider the following important specifications :

  • Diameter ( mm)
  • Number of actuators
  • Speed (Hz)
  • Active flat ( nm rms)
  • Reflectivity and damage threshold ( J/cm2)
  • Dynamic range ( nm ) and linearity
  • Control electronics, software and API simplicity

Axiom Optics is a well known supplier of high-quality optical instruments for industrial and scientific applications. Contact us about deformable mirrors today, we will be happy to discuss your needs, assist you in selecting the right components, and advise you with integration.

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