MWIR Cameras & Cooled Cores

High-performance MWIR cameras are based on the most advanced infrared focal plane technology available today with unmatched sensitivity, ultra-low noise, no blooming and no cross talk.

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  • The IRC800 Series MWIR cameras offer the ultimate in flexibility for research scientists. Cold filters are user-replaceable, thus making the IRC800 the perfect instrument for prototyping system development or where application requirements may change. A 4-filter cold-filter wheel is available as an option for your MWIR camera core. The 1/3-liter LN2 pour-filled Dewar assembly maintains temperature for up to 20 hours unpowered and 9 hours powered which makes the IRC800 Series of cooled MWIR cameras ​ ​ perfect for Scientific Imaging, Spectroscopy, Process Analysis, and Quality Assurance.
  • Using closed cycle stirling coolers, the IRC900 Series cameras and their MWIR cooled core provide high thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution in a compact package suitable for laboratory and field use, while offering long-life and resilience under stressing environmental conditions.
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