High-Speed Cameras

High temporal resolution applications, both industrial or scientific, requires high-speed cameras. Axiom Optics offers a wide range of high-speed CMOS and sCMOS cameras ranging from several hundred frame per seconds up to several thousands frame per seconds.

The Cyclone CMOS camera is best for industrial applications and scientific applications where sensitivity is not too critical – depending on the model it runs from several hundreds fps up to several thousands fps (full frame). The C-BLUE One, Kinetix, ORCA-Lightning & ORCA-Quest are sCMOS cameras running at several hundreds fps (full frame), but far more sensitive (higher QE and much lower readout noise). The HiCAM Fluo is an intensified CMOS camera combining the best of both worlds: several thousands fps (full frame) with high sensitivity and even single-photon sensitivity with a dual-stage intensifier.

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