IR Thermography

Radiometric Thermal Cameras

The VarioCAM®  is a turn-key and plug-and-play comprising:

  • a long-wave radiometric thermal camera (uncooled microbolometer sensitive to 8-14 µm spectral range and frame rates up to 30 Hz) with unique features such as motorized focusing and automatic lens detection;
  • a lens (selection of wide-angle, telecentric, macro and microscopic lenses);
  • a temperature calibration (covering a typical range of -40º up to 1,200ºC);
  • a dedicated software for image acquisition, data management and thermographic analysis.
  • VarioCAMs are a type of industrial thermal camera suited for stationary applications in rough process environments and laboratory use.

The ImageIR® scientific thermal camera series are designed for applications requiring the highest standards in the fields of research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring. Using the latest sensors in the mid-wave infrared spectral range (InSb, MCT etc) with integrated cryo-cooling technology, the ImageIR camera series enable applications requiring maximum temperature sensibility, high-speed (few 100 fps to kHz), high-accuracy and high spatial/temporal resolution.

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