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Optical Metrology

Accurate characterization of optical surfaces and systems is easy and convenient with optical metrology systems offered and supported by Axiom Optics. The RFLEX2, RFLEX LA, OEC and MESO optical metrology systems integrate the well known HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and their performances directly derive from its exceptional accuracy, dynamic range and ease of use.

You can build your own optical metrology system with the customizable modular Optical Engineer Companion (OEC). This versatile system has over 800 possible combinations of HASO wavefront sensors, R-FLEX illumination units, MOD focusing modules, R-FLEX LA large aperture collimators and SMLS Single Mode Laser Systems.

Our systems accurately measure :

  • Transmitted wavefront error (TWE)
  • Surface shape & flatness measurement (RWE)
  • Tilt, radius of curvature and Zernicke polynomial coefficients

Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor based optical metrology systems feature the following well-known advantages over classical fizeau or Twyman-Green interferometers :

  • They are insensitive to vibrations and can therefore perform in shop floor environments
  • They are achromatic and allow metrology at multiple wavelengths for example 405 , 445, 635, 785, 1064, 1320 or 1550 nm.
  • They are more compact and more cost-effective

The following optical components can be characterized with our systems :

  • Finite Conjugate optical systems such as microscopy systems
  • Large flat optics ( up to 150 mm diameter )
  • Filters, dichroics , windows, substrates
  • Mirrors, Beamsplitters
  • Crystals, rods, disks
  • Corner cubes, glass wafers, displays, machined surfaces, windshields, prisms, large lenses, beam expanders

Axiom Optics is your source for high-end optical metrology systems and instruments for research and development. Contact us to discuss your needs, our experts will suggest a package of optical instrumentation that will perform to your standards in your laboratory environment.

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