Photon Counting Cameras

Photon counting is the ultimate frontier in low-light imaging, where individual photons can be detected. Axiom Optics offers the widest range of technologies and cameras sensitive enough to detect single photons and count them.

Axiom Optics partners with Pi Imaging Technology to offer SPAD array and cameras. SPAD are the most recent breakthrough in detectors technology and allow photon counting capability at a very high frame rate, with gating capabilities.

Photon counting can also be achieved with the Hamamatsu ORCA-Quest qCMOS camera, capable of photon number resolving. The ORCA-Quest is a more standard CMOS detector, with high dynamic range, high resolution, high quantum efficiency and high frame rate, and the unique capability to count photons with high accuracy up to 200 photons.

We also offer EMCCD, which stands for Electron Multiplying CCD, including models from Photometrics, Hamamatsu, and the high-speed OCAM cameras from First Light Imaging.

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