SWIR Cameras & Cores

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) light is typically defined as light in the 0.9 – 1.7μm spectral range but can also more generally be classified from 0.7 – 2.5μm. SWIR light interacts with objects similarly to visible light as it is reflective, consequently it exhibits shadows and contrasts in its imagery. Images from a SWIR camera are comparable to visible images in terms of resolution and detail.

We offer SWIR cameras and modules/cores to address applications in the following spectral ranges:
– 400 – 1700 nm (vSWIR using SenSWIR™ technology from Sony©)
– 900 – 1700 nm (standard SWIR using InGaAs sensors)
– up to 2.35 µm (eSWIR using extended range InGaAs sensors)

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