Adaptive Optics & Laser Beam Shaping

Lasers are at the center of scientific, medical, and industrial advances, from eye surgery to metal fabrication. But you can’t simply flip a switch and aim a laser wantonly at an eyeball or a metal pipe. ​​Adaptive Optics and ​​​L​aser beam shaping ​ ​systems give laser beams the precision and adaptability to produce the correct intensity, focal spot position, dimensions or pattern, and accuracy for a variety of laser applications. Without tools for laser beam shaping and profiling, results could be inaccurate or worse—they could be injurious or destructive.

Tools from Axiom Optics include:

  • Deformable mirrors, which are adaptive optics devices that can defocus , move the beam focal spot, or correct optical aberrations of your laser focusing optics. The deformable mirrors we offer can be magnetic or mechanical, and operate on CW beams or ultra intense ultrafast femtosecond lasers. Deformable mirrors such as μDM and ALPAO DMs can also be used for astronomical observations, microscopic imaging such as confocal or 2- photon fluorescence imaging, as well as retinal imaging and optical coherence tomography.
  • Adaptive optics Kits which combine a wavefront sensor, a deformable mirror and an adaptive optics software called Wavetune. Wavetune is a software developed by Imagine Optic SA which can control many different types of deformable mirrors or Spatial Light Modulators.

At Axiom Optics, we offer ​adaptive optics and Laser ​beam shaping ​ ​ ​ ​devices to ensure your laser applications work at their optimum.

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