3 Factors To Consider When Selecting a Laser Beam Profiler

The size, shape, and intensity distribution of a laser beam affect how materials reflect, absorb, or react to the light. Precise knowledge of these properties for any laser used to cut, measure, or align is essential to achieving the desired results in products, measurements, or machine performance. Consider these three factors when selecting a laser beam profiler.

Wavelength and Power

The kind of laser you are examining determines the characteristics of the beam profiler you need. Profilers work best for different wavelengths, so it’s important to match your laser beam profiler to the type of light your laser emits, whether ultraviolet, visible, or infrared.

Your laser’s power may create problems for a camera-type beam profiler. Match the power of your laser to the profiler’s sensitivity and the ability to attenuate the beam to permit a camera profiler to capture data. Consider whether you need neutral density filters to attenuate your beam.


Laser beam profilers vary based on the dimensions of the beam they are able to measure. Laser beam profiling cameras offer differing resolutions or pixel size measurement capabilities, being able to measure beams as small as several microns using small pixel beam profilers to large area beam measurements up to tens of millimeters. The amount of space you have to conduct measurements is also a factor—for example, compact beam profilers work in tight spaces.


The most sophisticated or versatile laser beam profiler’s measurements may only be as good as the interface used to analyze them. View a demo of the compatible software that gives you an analysis of a laser beam, and consider if the level of detail balances with the software’s user-friendliness. Consider the quality of 3D images provided, the breadth of data offered, and if you have the ability to adjust the mode and resolution of the profile the camera provides.

Axiom Optics offers a selection of laser beam profiling cameras suitable for a variety of laser types and powers. Contact us at info@axiomoptics.com or (617) 221-6636 with any questions about additional factors you should consider to select the best laser beam profiler for you.

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