Axiom Optics Adds the Fastest and Most Sensitive Mid-Infrared Spectrometers and Detectors to its Portfolio

Axiom Optics is excited to announce a new partnership with Danish manufacturer of the fastest and most sensitive Mid-Infrared Spectrometer and detection tools. The core technology in these products is based on a novel measurement scheme that upconverts the Mid-IR light to the near-visible, where silicon-based light detectors outperform conventional Mid-IR detectors in all aspects: speed, sensitivity, and noise.

The NLIR Mid-IR product line offers the benefits of Mid-IR light upconversion in different packages that can cover many measurement needs:

Spectrometer 2.0 – 5.0 µm

With a full-spectrum readout rate of up to 130 kHz, -80 dBm/nm sensitivity, this instrument allows the fastest analysis in gases, liquids, and solids in industrial and research applications. Other readout rates and a wavelength range of 7.6 – 12.0 µm are available as well upon request.

Single-Wavelength Detector

Detection of a single-wavelength in the Mid-IR using a tunable instrument allows measurement rates of up to 10 GHz with the lowest noise by using narrowband upconversion of free-space or fiber-coupled signals.

Wavelength Conversion Module

This is the core-technology of NLIR products offered in a compact package. The most versatile product for any custom application, accepting wavelengths from 1.9 – 5.3 µm with a resulting resolution of 2.5 cm-1, or better, for the upconverted light.

Thermal Infrared Light Source

A stable and powerful incoherent light source in the 1.2 – 8.0 µm range that can be coupled to any sample via an optical fiber.


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