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Axiom Optics Shipping Policy & Guidelines

The following are the terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy.

  • All shipments should be shipped VIA UPS small package. Please use ACCOUNT number: XF6211.

  • Break up shipments in order to use UPS small package – the largest shipment UPS small packages accepts is 150 lbs (68kg) and 108 inches (274 cm) in length.

  • Ship packages in the smallest box possible (Do not ship small packages in oversized boxes).

  • Shipping pallets or freight requires prior authorization from Carol Imai, Lab Manager (carol@axiomoptics.com, 617.336.6182). Freight sent without our prior authorization will not be accepted or the cost will be fully invoiced back to your company.

Shipping Guidelines

Once shipments are properly packaged per Axiom Optics shipping policy, please follow the shipping guidelines below.

  • Axiom Optics’ PO Number must appear on all shipping documents listed below:

    • UPS label (either in the attention field or in the reference field)

    • Packing list, invoices, and related correspondence

  • There should be no mention of Axiom Optics, nor a PO reference or pricing etc. inside the box

    • ‘Neutral’ documents, i.e. test report, starting guide, user manual are OK inside the box

  • Include Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code in shipping documents

  • Do NOT use WorldWide Express Plus (if expedited service is needed, use WorldWide Express – delivery by 10:30am)

  • If expedited service is not needed, use other service levels such as WorldWide Saver or WorldWide Expedited

  • Do NOT declare a value for insurance (Axiom Optics already has CARGO Insurance for any packages coming in and out)

  • Send UPS shipping notifications (shipping only, not exceptions or delivery) to the salesperson in the PO

Shipping Address:

Axiom Optics




Note: Suppliers may be charged if the wrong shipment processing is selected and Axiom Optics is charged incorrectly. Axiom Optics will notify suppliers prior to processing any extra charges resulting from non-compliance of our shipping policies and guidelines.

For shipping questions contact: Carol Imai – carol@axiomoptics.com / (617) 336-6182

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