Coupling HiCATT with F-Mount Camera

How to Easily Couple Your HiCATT to Your F-Mount Camera

The HiCATT is an intensified camera attachment from Lambert Instruments that increases the sensitivity of your HIGH-SPEED camera to enable low-light imaging at frame rates up to 1 MHz. Achieve high-speed imaging up to 1,000,000 fps with ultra-short exposures as low as 3 ns, completely eliminating motion blur. The HiCATT is used by researchers around the world for combustion research but it is also great for time-resolved imaging, dynamic phenomena in microscopy, Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) and many more applications that require high-speed, low-light imaging. 

The HiCATT is compatible with all major brand-name high-speed cameras using a high quality lens coupling. Coupling the HiCATT high-speed intensifier to your F-Mount camera is incredibly easy. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Unscrew the two screws at both the top and bottom of the HiCATT’s F-Mount (You should now be able to rotate it.)

Step 2: To mount it, make sure that the red dot on the HiCATT is aligned with the black dot on the camera.

Step 3: Connect the HiCATT to your high-speed camera. To lock in place, turn it to the left.

Step 4: To disengage the HiCATT, press the silver button and turn it to the right. 

…and it’s as easy as that! 

For more information on the HiCATT or to request a quote, click HERE. 

For the full instructional video on our Youtube page, click HERE. 

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